Working towards People Being Released from Prisons to Have a Better Life

Among individuals who are forward-thinking, rehabilitation is a common thing. Some forms of rehabilitation can help in the reduction of the number of repeat offenders who return to jails after not being able to survive outside the prisons. It can help in dealing with issues which are serious like sexual offenders who keep on doing the same thing after being released. Rehabilitation can help in dealing with the problem of overcrowding in prisons. Considering that the death penalty was canceled, there is a growth that is continuing in the population in prisons.

India and China have the world’s largest population, but when looking at the population in prisons, the United States has the most together with the highest prison rates. Attempts which are poor for dealing with the issue lead to these results. They do not match what most people think to be normal. And the choices that people make to react to the crimes are a form of punishment as imprisoning people. However, when people are put in prisons is not a guarantee that there will be changes. People should deal with the issue that prisoners go through after being released and the impacts that they have in the community.

Fixing a problem that is not known is not an easy task. Thus, the focus of people should be first on understanding the problem that is faced by people in prisons. One of the major problems is susceptibility to recidivism. Recidivism takes place because of the repeat of criminal behavior after serving the appropriate punishment. The same type of punishment will still be given to the person repeating the mistake. Thus, there is a rise in the recidivism rates for individuals suffering from mental illness. Dependent on the nature of the crime, it is not surprising that most people in prisons suffer from mental illness. Unfortunately, many of them do not go through the needed treatment that is needed for the illness. It is a direct contributor to the offenses that are repeated.

One of the methods of decreasing the number of recidivism is through moral reconation therapy. Moral reconation therapy is a treatment which is systematic with the goal of reducing recidivism. The main basis of moral reconation therapy is on the main factors that affect the behavior of a person like beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes. The design of moral reconation therapy is for dealing with patients who resist. Thus, the improvement of moral reasoning and the process of making decisions and helping clients agree that their actions have consequences is what is helped by moral reconation therapy. The treatment is effective in making changes to negative patterns of behavior among clients.