Bases On Why It Is Hard To Leave Toxic Relationships.

On a daily basis, there are approximately twenty four people that are faced with abuse of different kinds such as rape, violence and stalking. As the numbers tend to increase on a yearly basis, it is much hard for the people to leave such kinds of relationships. Shame, taking advantage of control and instilling fear are some of the reasons as to why the victims of such kinds of abuse find it hard to leave the relationships. Because of this, the oppressed parties are said to stick along for a long time that could lead to them to facing their death as a result of such abusive relationships. Victims find a hard time figuring out if the relationship is abusive or not and thus, they end up staying there for a long time.

In some societies, they uphold some of the abusive characters that these are being portrayed in the society and this has resulted to some of the behaviors no longer look like abuse. If you are looking to get out of a toxic relationship, it is always a good idea that you learn the signs that matter no matter how small they may seem like, the self-esteem factor. One of the mechanisms that the abuser uses is simply breaking down the self-esteem of the victim, having the victim think that that is the best treatment that they should get. The second sign is that, in every abuser there always comes a pattern of abuse cycle. With the abuse cycle, the abuser is said to treat their victim is a very bad way and this is followed by a series of wrong promises and good behavior.

Even if at one point the victim might have thought on leaving the relationship, the difficult part is always the actually leaving because they are tied up with the fact that their abuser might result to harming either them or their family. Since the victim cannot gather enough courage to leave the relationship, they end up sticking to the abuser due to reasons such as personal responsibility. Having the thought that you are responsible for changing the ways in which the abuser conducts themselves is a reason as to why the victims do not end up leaving such relationships. Another reason to stay is that the victim thinks that there is hope for change when it comes to the abuser. With this kind of hope, it is not easy for the abuser to change because, they might have been doing this for a long time now and they shall continue doing so as long as the victims allow them.