Types of Non-Teaching Education Jobs Former Teachers Can Take Up

You need the non-teaching education job when you get to the retirement age as a teacher to help you earn a living after retirement among other benefits. Some of the other benefits of non-teaching education jobs for former teachers are intrinsic rewards such as the fulfillment of helping children out of a passion for your career. You can check this site for non-teaching education jobs for former teachers. If you are not sure about the non-teaching education career to take after retirement as a teacher, these experts can help you make the right decision. Here are some of the non-teaching education jobs you can consider taking up after retirement.

You can become an editor for children’s books, articles for websites or magazines that talk about children and so on . You are the communication bridge between the authors and the children or parents because you make the message of the authors more understandable to the parents and children. You provide mentorship to the writers to enable them to write about topics that are important to the children and parents. You should have writing skills for you to be an excellent editor.

You will fit in perfectly as an education administrator. The school administrator works in the school environment that has a different role from a classroom teacher. You ensure that teachers are using best teaching strategies and practices that will improve the discipline, academic and extra-curricular performance of the students. You ensure that the activities of the teaching staff, non-teaching staff, and students are in line with the policies and regulations of the school for the objectives of the school to be realized.

The edifying careers of social work are suitable non-teaching education jobs for a former teacher. Children out there going through hell with challenges that they cannot handle without the help of a social worker such as severe mental or physical illness because of domestic abuse, when divorcing parents keep arguing about custody and so on. You will be assisting children to bounce back to a healthy life so that they can be their future by enabling them to overcome the challenges they face at home and school. Your work is to help children of all levels from elementary to high school levels, but you have to specialize in helping children of a specific level.

If you want to be a school librarian you should get more training and certifications to work as a school librarian. You have to be passionate about reading and books for you to guide children in the library. Children love school librarians because they create causal relationships with them unlike the more formal like the relationship they develop with their teachers.

How about looking for non-teaching education job by being a school counselor? You have the chance to guide children as they go through their years of school. You will be taking care of disciplinary cases to ensure that situations like bullying are not experienced in school for the safety of the children. You will be rewarded when you see that wayward student transforming into a disciplined person.