Tips of maintaining a healthy Looking Skin

It is commonly alluded that your skin can show your age. For instance, old people tend to have wrinkled face and skin, which is a common characteristic. Here are some tips which will help you in achieving a healthy looking skin.

The first step to a healthy skin is regular cleaning of the face. There is a lot of dust and other dirt particles that collect on your face as you pursue your daily activities. This dirt can clog your skin pores thus affecting the respiratory processes of the skin like waste elimination and air exchange. You should wash your face in the evening before you sleep, and ensure that the face is dried properly. Therefore, you should wash your face in the morning, before bed, when you sweat, and after heavy use of makeup. It is important to find detergents which are compatible with your skin whenever you intend to clean your face. Soaps that have no additives should be used by people with oily skin, whereas moisturized soaps are more suitable for persons with a dry skin. For oily skins, hemp skin care can be used as a remedy. You shouldn’t overdo the face scrubbing whether your skin is oily or dry because it has adverse effects on the skin.

Another tip is to exfoliate your skin which is quite different from face scrubbing. Exfoliation entails removal of dead skin skills to facilitate the growth of new skin cells. Once the new cells are produced, your skin will regenerate and rejuvenate to have a desirable and young healthy look. While normally the body naturally sheds these dead cells once in two weeks, you can decide to do it more often. You can use micro scrubbers at home, or visit a salon which performs facial exfoliation. For dry skin, exfoliation should be done once in a week, whereas for an oily skin, it can be performed up to thrice in a week. You should be careful not to overdo it because it may cause irritation and some redness.

Lastly, you are supposed to get rid of all the bad habits that may harm your skin such as smoking. Cigarettes are the reason why your skin will develop wrinkles and even thin lines. Nicotine in cigars is responsible for destruction of the elastics and collagen fibers which make the face strong and elastic. You also need to be cautious about sun rays and other agents that can physically harm your skin. While a lot of people like spending most of their time to bask on the sun during hot summers, they fail to reckon the dangers of that exposure to their skins. The rays will burn the skin and destroy the skin cells. Since high intensities of UV rays is believed to cause skin cancer, no one wants to suffer from it when they can avoid the sun rays.