Having a lift installed at home can make everyday life a lot easier and more pleasant. Whether because of limited mobility or simple convenience, many people today can see how a suitable lift could make an excellent addition to a home.

Experts at lift installation in Singapore have a variety of options to offer to their customers, each of which comes with certain features and benefits. A quick look at some of the types of lifts that are most often installed in homes will make it clear that there are some interesting possibilities to explore.

Three Types of Lifts Most Often Installed in Homes

Residential lift technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and that is great news for homeowners throughout Singapore. Adding a lift to almost any type of residence has become a lot more practical and realistic, in many cases.

Part of the reason for this is that buyers today can choose from a number of basic lift designs. Since each of these is especially well suited to particular conditions and preferences, achieving a good fit has become much easier than in the past.

Generally speaking, residential lifts are most easily distinguished according to the means of propulsion they employ. Three of the types of lifts that are most often seen in homes in Singapore are motivated by:

  • Traction. As the most conventional and traditional setup, the traction-style lift has a long history of installation and service. Traction-based lifts tend to be among the most affordable, although they do require a bit more space for supporting mechanisms than do certain alternatives.
  • Hydraulic. Lifts that are raised and lowered using hydraulic power are well suited to many homes. Although not always the fastest, such lifts tend to be quiet, reliable, and compact.
  • Vacuum. The newest residential lift design on the market uses simple air pressure to raise and lower a platform. As a particularly elegant solution, this sort of lift appeals to many with generous budgets and high standards.

Many Particular Models to Look Into

Lifts of these three general kinds combine to make up a majority of those found in homes in Singapore today. Getting in touch with a lift installation company will reveal plenty of specific models of each kind ready for consideration.