The Different Types of Fashion Styles
Different kinds of Fashion Styles are available in the market today. From long skirts to mini skirts, short to medium and even long, the variety is endless. Some popular fashion styles include:

Teenage fashion style. Kawaii fashion style. Skatty garconne look. Streetwear style.

This is an all encompassing fashion style, which evolved out of the urban streets in California. It originally originated from the skateboard and surfing culture. Skaters wear similar colored t-shirts and long pants. There are many different types of colors and prints for the t-shirts and pants, as well as different types of streetwear style of shoes. There are also many different types of accessories and clothing.

Casual style. Jeans and t-shirts. This is a casual fashion style and is very popular with teenagers and younger children. This wardrobe includes brightly colored and open pockets, which allow for easy movement.

Sportswear style. Surf skis, wetsuits and other forms of apparel popular among surfers and other beach dwellers have become a favorite fashion style for many people. Many of these clothing items come in bright colors, so that they are seen clearly in the ocean water. They can also come in various sizes and fit, so that they can be worn by taller people and those with larger breasts.

Modest fashion style. Women’s clothing with skirts worn high and low, shirts with button front plackets and small ties. The majority of women’s dress in this fashion style frequently. It is quite fashionable for young children to dress in these types of clothing.

Military style. Clothing that is worn by members of the military such as blouses and shirts with buttons, skirts and pants that end at the thighs. This fashion style is quite distinct and can be seen in many different situations and by many different people.

Classy fashion style. Shirts with big lapels, long sleeves and solid colors are usually considered to be in this classy style. These types of clothing are generally reserved for formal occasions and are not appropriate for everyday wear.

Elegant fashion style. Pants that are black on the inside with white on the outside, dresses that come in the color gray and suits that have a long jacket. This elegant fashion style is often seen at many upscale occasions, but it does not include much movement or innovation in the clothing.

Punk fashion style. Jackets that are short and worn around the upper body, tees that are worn across the upper arm and cool and straight cut pants. People who belong to this fashion style tend to be really aggressive or very creative. They do not like clothes that are complicated and they dislike wearing clothes that are boring. This type of person may sport several different types of haircuts as well as many different types of jeans because they just do not like wearing anything too complicated.

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