If you ever get to watch a photo shoot or a runway show behind the scenes, you’ll discover that models almost always have water with them. By drinking a full eight glasses of water every day, you’ll go a long way in combating pimples.

Vinegar – It is a popular home remedy for acne. Most of the people who use vinegar to treat acne use the apple cider but plain vinegar (commonly found) can also be use. Despite which type you use; vinegar can be extremely helpful when it comes to clearing up acne problem. It has the capability to kill the acne causing bacteria, balance your skin’s pH level and absorb extra oil that gets accumulated on your skin. Starting with clean, dry skin, apply diluted vinegar (eight parts water to one-part vinegar) straight to your skin with a cotton ball, and leave it on.

Because acne is mainly caused by bacteria that get into the pores on your face, the first real thing that you need to do is to keep this from happening. While there is no way to stop it from getting onto your face, it is possible for you to remove it before it becomes a problem. You should purchase a good quality cleansing product. There are many on the market, but you will want to look for those that have antibacterial qualities to it. This will help to rid your skin of bacteria.

She shared that in her teenage years, there was never a time period more than a few days where she did not have any acne popping out of her face. She had moderate acne almost every time. She has tried every kind of acne cream face on the market. Only a couple of them worked to a decent degree, the rest were just gimmicky and did not work at all. Going into high school, she tried Accutane. After a couple months, her acne did completely disappear. However, the side effect she had was very dry and irritable skin, which she felt she could still handle with.