One of the most important aspects people disregard is that not all acne treatment products suit every skin type. So, you should call the manufacturer’s customer service or search their website for information on the skin types the product works best with.

Moisturizing is the final step in your cleansing routine. Select an oil-free moisturizer that is also non-comedogenic. Some moisturizers are also marketed as “light” or “ultra-light” and will work well with oily and combination skin.

Also, alternative acne creams, there is a new invention: the blue light therapy. Illuminated at 415 nm wavelength blue light provides a non-residential environment for those annoying acne-causing bacteria. These bacteria are dying over time, leaving your skin acne free.

This step is an important part of any acne skin care treatment because it will help you eliminate acne bacteria, dead skin cells, and excess sebum. When your skin is clean, your chances of getting clogged pores will reduce greatly, and so will your chances of developing acne scars.

The next great acne product you can buy without a prescription is Clearasil Vanishing acne cream face. This is expensive for what it is, but it works great on small problem areas. It will very quickly clear up small spots, but isn’t intended for use on your entire face. So if you want to clear up a pimple overnight and have it gone in the morning, this will work great. It is sold at drug stores for around ten dollars. This too is a wonderful acne treatment product, if just for small problem areas.

A rose steam each night could help. This is where you seep some fresh rose petals in a bowl of extremely hot water. Now, drape a small towel over your head and hold your face over the bowl.

Another internal factor is disrupted hormonal balance. Testosterones stimulate the excessive production of facial oil and sooner or later, your pores get blocked and acne starts to form.