Things You Should Know Concerning Intercessory Prayer

Some hard situations might require you to call upon a high divine power to intervene. Natural calamities and deadly diseases are some of the situations that might find you seeking for some divine intervention. Intercessory is what refers to the process of seeking help from a higher power to intervene on behalf of yourself or others. You can easily get through any hard situation through intercessory prayers. It is important to have some facts about intercessory prayers.

Regardless of the benefit you get through making this type of prayer, you should still do it. God’s glory is thus brought to the world through intercessory prayers irrespective of whether the intercessor benefits or not. There are several people you can make intercessory prayer for in times of need. Friends, enemies, countrymen and the sick are some of the people you can make this type of prayer for according to the Old and New Testament.

There is a wrong view that intercessory prayer can only be made by those who are too holy. However, according to the New Testament, every Christian can make intercessory prayers whenever the need arises. A Christian is guided by the Holy Spirit and can, therefore, make an intercessory prayer. Christ is seen as the ultimate intercessor in the New Testament since he died to connect us with God. As a Christian, you, therefore, need to pray on behalf of others requesting God to fulfill their requests.

An individual or a group can make this type of prayer. In case you are troubled by worldly happenings and you want to pray for things to be better, you should do it as a part of a group. An intercessory prayer made in a group to intervene on behalf of others so that they can be better is known as corporate intercession. Corporate intercession can be practiced by gathering with your fellow Christians and deciding on a natural disaster, person’s in need or a troubling situation. You can pray either individually or collectively and then have a silent moment for God to have the final word. Simple acts of kindness can also be performed to those who are in need. In this type of prayer, you can make a charitable donation or send an encouraging message to those in need. In some cases of intercessory prayers, you can speak out for those who are not in a position to speak for themselves.

You will be lifting the spirits of people who are around you when you make this type of prayer. You can deepen people’s love for you and others when you inspire them to pray with you.