Popular People Who Beat Their Addiction

Dealing with drug addiction is one of the most expensive things to most states. It is hard to believe that even celebrities can be affected as most addicts are those who are stressed mostly due to financial problems as well as from peer pressure. Patients have continued to increase in the rehab center every single day. People who have loved ones who are addicted to drugs have had hoped after seeing other victims being treated especially when they went to a rehab center. The article herein discusses some of the celebrities on drugs who beat their addiction once and for all.

The first popular person who stopped their addiction by exercising is Zac Efron. The celebrity became a drug user and a drinker when he was in his twenties. Two activities that have made the celebrity to have a healthy lifestyle without using the drugs is visiting a counselor and also doing exercises. The process as he put it has not been that easy but being adapted to the mechanism has been of great assistance in avoiding the addiction.

You need to also know about Demi Lovato who went to a rehab center to beat her addiction. The celebrity who is a singer struggled with cocaine that affected her life to almost death. One thing that helped the singer is going to the rehab center where she was able to know how to be busy and avoid using cocaine. Some of these activities that keep her busy include writing songs and also being with relatives and friends.

The other person who is popular as a singer-songwriter and beat addiction by figuring out why is Fergie. She was able to quit when others tried to figure out why she was taking drugs. The other helpful thing in beating her addiction was therapy. She admitted that at first, things are good but change afterward. The other popular person who was able to beat addiction is Elton John who founded a charity. The death of his friend because of Aids played a big role in his life where he decided to seek help as he was addicted to alcohol and cocaine. In memory of the friend, he established an Aids foundation to help others.

To beat his addiction, Matthew Perry also went to a rehab center. A watercraft accident that he got involved him led to his addiction of the painkillers but went to a rehab center for assistance. Therapy has continued to help him not to go back to those habits. The above celebrities managed to stop their addiction.