The Best Spots In The Alaskan Wilderness

Alaska is an ideal travel destination for majority of people. The wonderful untamed wilderness like the incredible wildlife, crashing glaciers and the magnificent mountains are a sight to behold. However, if you have limited to explore the vast land, it can be hard to decide to choose what to do and see. Below are the top spots to consider adventuring in the Alaskan wilderness.

You can take a trip down the Seaward highway. There are enormous moose, big bears, striking glaciers, and incredible mountains to explore here. It is a peaceful and serene scenery when driving. The highways connects Anchorage to Seward.
There are scenic drives where you can see huge beluga whales, flowing waterfalls, beady-eyed eagles and dall’s sheep. There are striking mountains where you will view the Alaskan wilderness.

You have an opportunity to check the Northern lights. The Northern lights offer a chance of watching mystical events. Go to Alaska for vacation to make your dream come true. The middle of winter that is between September and April is the peak viewing. That is because that is when you get to see the Northern lights shimmering when the nights are darkest and the weather is coldest.

The best time to explore here is midnight. The Fairbanks offers a good chance to spot the Northern lights. It is located geographically under the aurora oval. You can frequently spot the auroras.

You can walk with fancy giant grizzly bears. You can also visit the Katmai National Park located at the heart of wild Alaska. You will have a good opportunity to be at the park with the coastal bears. There is an abundance of food available and a protection program. You should not worry about being attacked by the bears. The Katmai National Park is full of bears to explore here. The unarmed guides will be with you when getting close to the bears.

There are tidewater glaciers to explore here that explode into the ocean. The Glacier Bay National Park boasts 3.3 million acres of sheltered fjords, cool rainforest, rugged coastlines, glistening glaciers and striking mountains. You will have a chance to see the glaciers around the mountain peaks fall into the ocean. Visitors who want to go for extra excursion trips can explore here with the national park rangers.

Visit the Kenai Fjords National Park to watch whales. Expect to explore here the orca whales and humpbacks moving in the waters. Also, there are bears, seals and puffins. There is also a breath-taking scenery around the park. You will enjoy the wild seacoast, incredible glaciers and snow-capped mountains. You can stay overnight at the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge.The Alaskan wilderness is a great place for nature lovers who are interested in spotting a lot of wildlife.