The Growth and Change of Communication in the World

Technology is beneficial in our daily lives because it fulfills out needs in the various aspects of out lives. Internet is big but people are unaware of where the content there comes from. Internet creates a platform where experts on various issues post something about their subject. Content by these experts is made possible by writing their name below the article. The functioning the world has been disrupted by the invention of internet Communication is older than the internet. The main method of transmitting information was using mirrors and fumes. In fact, the only complex form of communication was through verbal means. This was usable only if people are not far from each other. Semaphores came up but they were only just loud and allowed the use of visual signals. Like the forms of communication before this, it was limited to being used by military in case of a crisis. It took quite a while before a better method of communication came in. The first telegraphic kind of communication was done manually and for this reason it was not suitable for use to communicate to the masses. As time went by these experts came up with chemical based solutions of communicating through telegraph. The invention of electricity brought with it good tidings, these experts were able to create electromagnetic telegraphs that were much more convenient and easy to use and suitable for mass production too. More creative ideas came in after this. Like other modes of communication before this one, it was largely applied in the military where it was used by these experts to relay information about deaths of their loved ones who were in service. The success of telegraphs was short lived because of its weaknesses and these experts were unable to overcome that.

The lifespan of telegraphs was a bit short lived since experts came up with something better, the telephones. These experts that created phones were geniuses, people appreciated their technology and it became popular. At first, the use of telephones was weird for most people but people came to accept it. Currently many people have phones. After the telephone then came radio, where people could get updated on the latest happenings, these experts of invention wanted to go further to challenge themselves. With radio, you didn’t need to know how to read and write to understand it and these experts knew that. There are various benefits of internet, for instance information authored by experts can be accessed anytime. These experts have also made it possible to carry different formats of messages such as audio and visual. Internet speeds today are very high and this has opened up a lo of possibilities that can be explored by this. The creativity around phones is still ongoing, for instance internet calls that are commonly used in offices.