Guidelines for Getting an Emotional Support Dog

When you have had a long and a stressful day at work, it is refreshing to come back home and find your dog, because the right dogs are friendly, will make you feel loved and welcomed and they are not judgmental like most human beings. For those people who suffer from mental related health conditions they can get emotional support animals as part of their healing process.
It is important to note that there is a difference between emotional support and service animals. Some of the differences between the emotional support animals and service animals are that for the service animals they have to undergo special training and have to pass some test, on the other hand, the emotional support animals this is not a requirement.
The service dogs have to be passed through hard training and subjected to tests, which they have to pass before they are certified to be fit for the services at hard. For the emotional support animals, there is no limitation on the type of animal that you buy for this service, and you can decide on any animal that suits your needs best.
It is necessary to get the right emotional support dog, and therefore there are some important things that you have to consider. The initial step for getting the right emotional support dog is to get yourself evaluated.
The dog owner has to go for a mental evaluation from a health professional who is licensed to offer these services.
The therapist will also write a recommendation letter where necessary that you should get an emotional support animal.
When you have gotten the recommendation letter from your therapist, then you will embark your search for the right emotional support dog. If you decide to keep your existing pet as your emotional support animal then you have to know that your emotional animal needs to have a calm temperament and then it has to behave well in public, and It is important also to know that not all dogs are suitable to be emotional support animals and therefore you have to decide wisely.
There are people who prefer to purchase anew dog for this purpose.