Microsites and Their Pros and Cons for SEO

In the years that have passed there are a lot companies that have allocated budget for SEO.

Improving your company might have been a struggle for you because you have not utilized SEO to your advantage.

Microsites are advantageous for businesses who want an affordable means to implement SEO. It can really help in your SEO endeavor. Ensuring that everything is properly done will do the trick.

If you go further, the microsites’ SEO pros and cons will be described to you. The basics of building microsites can also be gleaned out of this.

Explanation on What a Microsite is

It is another website that exists alongside a business’s existing homepage, that is the microsites definition.

Based from the microsites definition, it comes with its own URL without the sponsoring business’s name in it.

Businesses produce microsites through registering a domain name for a second website for their own purpose.

The Kinds of Microsites

There are two main categories of microsites. Specific campaign websites are classified under the first microsite type. Websites that regularly post new content is the second kind of microsite.

Project-Specific Websites

Companies that want to have their existing projects promoted can do so with a microsite.

Information about that business campaign can be posted in the website, to make the people excited about it.

A microsite’s content is always fresh everyday for the duration of the enterprise’s current endeavor.

Sites Continuously Going

When it comes to active sites, there is no end to its regular updating of new content. If your enterprise wants your customers updated, you can post resources in this kind of microsite. You can also post important announcements in this site.

With the constant updating, you exert more effort in this type of microsite. It may need a team to create content, maintain, and design it regularly.

Advantages of Microsites

Information about what makes microsites good for your business will discussed.

Boost in the Popularity of Your Brand

The popularity of your company is easily achieved since there is a second website. The interest for company will increase too. Your company’s brand popularity is boosted.

Better Email Campaigns
Email campaigns are more organized since a microsite can serve as a tool to have your customers sign up. Through this, you can easily contact your potential customers. Your brand can be easily remembered because promotions can also be easily sent to them.

Increasing the Value

You can increase your value to your customers through microsites. Not all things can be posted in your original homepage, so a microsite can serve as an alternative medium for those.

Experimentation Platform

Microsites can be a place for experiments. Microsites can be a good place to start implementing some changes you want to do in the parent website.