Vital Aspects of the Equine Bone and Joint Support

Owning a horse is one of the best investments. Horses are a sign of prestige. They make your home look beautiful when you have them. Horses come in different colors. You can have a brown horse, a white horse, a black home, and so forth. Horses are also good for having fun. You can ride on horse backs as you enjoy the fresh air and the fantastic view of the surrounding environment. Horses can also act a means of transport because they can take you anywhere you like. You can also ride horses in various horse competitions that are held across the globe. A person who rides a horse is a jokey.

It is vital that you take good care of your horse. A healthy horse will serve you well. You have to ensure that your horse is fed well. Horse food should contain all the necessary nutrients that ensure the horse grows up healthy. There are various nutrient supplements you can purchase for your precious horse. It is also vital for you to make sure that your horse is treated so that it does not suffer from ailments. There are various ailments that may trouble your horse. One of those diseases is bone and joint issues. This ailment makes it painful for your horse to walk. It will become lame and will walk by limping.

The major cause for pain and joint issues in a horse is caused by the navicular disease. The navicular disease is sometimes referred to as the caudal heel syndrome or the navicular syndrome. This ailment will make your horse to be in a lot of foot pain and become lame. Classical treatments can be used to treat your horse but they are not so effective because your horse will still be lame and your horse needs to be euthanized regularly. The other alternative to treating the navicular syndrome is by giving your horse equine bone and joint support.

Equine bone and joint support is a special formula that solves the bone and joint problems in horses. It is used in horses of all ages. The formula is stirred in food and given to the horse daily. The dose given to the horse varies due to a number of factors. Foals, ponies, and weanlings have their special dosage. Mature horses and yearlings will also get a different dosage. Senior horses and horses that are at risk of getting joint trauma, you are supposed to give a specific equine bone and joint support dosage. It is also possible for you to double the dosage when the horse is undergoing stress.

The equine bone and joint support formula has various ingredients that act as connective tissues. They include flax, yucca, vitamin C, glucosamine, among others. One of the best ingredient for this formula is the gallium nitrate. Gallium nitrate prevents bone resorption due to its effect on bone osteoclasts. The ingredient also ensures the stimulation of bone formation by osteoblasts. The ingredient also has anti-pain as well as anti-inflammatory properties which are vital in helping a horse recover from navicular syndrome.

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